Assessment Change Notices

Tax day is December 31 of each year. The assessed and taxable values are based upon that date. The principle resident exemption (homestead) affidavit form must be filed by June 1 of each year. Once you have filed for the homestead status, that exemption stays in place until the owner/resident moves or sells the property. If property is purchased between June 1 to November 1, the new owner needs to file the PRE to qualify for the winter PRE—Principal Residence Exemption for that year.

The year following a sale/transfer, the taxable value is uncapped. The taxable value becomes the same as the assessed value. This is part of the changes made with passage of Proposal A several years ago.

Thus, if you purchased a property, the former assessment may have been $40,000 with a taxable value of $23,456 as the former owners had this property prior to Proposal A. the new owner assessment may become $45,000 and the new taxable value becomes $45,000.

The equalization process of determining values for all properties continues as established by law. Proposal A changed the manner of determining the taxable value for the properties. The taxable value is the amount used to determine the amount of tax dollars collected each tax season. The yearly CPI amount is determined by Lansing and is applied each year to the taxable value amounts.

It is vital for the Assessor to have the correct ownership, transfer and principal residence exemption information. This all affects the tax billing.
Hayes Township has two tax billing: July and December.

The assessment roll is changed each year and in February the changes are sent to the owners/taxpayers for their information. The forms contain the assessed values and the taxable values, the description of the property and the dates and times of the board of reviews. Please read the notice carefully and contact the Assessor, Mary Sanders with any questions and corrections.