NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That on March 5, 2024 the Hayes Township Board of Trustees voted by resolution its intent to set the special assessment for the special assessment district heretofore created for the of funding the cost of the operation and maintenance for the OTSEGO COUNTY FIRE AUTHORITY in the amount of 1.00 mill of the taxable value of each real parcel within the boundaries of Hayes Township within the special assessment district and directing the preparation of the special assessment roll. The description of the special assessment district is as follows”
All real property within the geographic boundaries of the Township of Hayes and/or within the jurisdictional control of Hayes Township through a contract pursuant to Public Act 425 of 1984, except property exempt from the collection of taxes under the General Property Tax Act.
The special assessment roll is available for inspection at the office of the township clerk.
NOTICE IF HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing shall be held on MAY 14, 2024 at 6:00 pm at the Hayes Township Hall. The hearing shall be on the proposed amount of the special assessment, the estimated costs and expenses of fire protection, and on the proposed special assessment roll. At this meeting, the township board shall be in session to hear objections that may be offered to the cost estimate, the proposed amount of the special assessment, and/or the special assessment roll.